How to Get Free V Bucks in Fortnite No Survey Scams – Legal Ways

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Only Real way to get free v bucks

Free V Bucks 100% Legit

So finally you have arrived at the best website which will explain you in detail how to get free v bucks in fortnite battle royale without any human verification or no survey scams.

Here we are committed to providing you only real and legit methods which can earn you an unlimited amount of fortnite free v bucks.

According to Forbes recent article Fortnite is breaking all the records not just on twitch but also on youtube. According to Superdata, More than 25 million hours of fortnite watched on weekly basis on youtube. That is the reason why fortnite is becoming so much popular and trending video game in last few months.

The primary currency of fortnite is v-bucks, and everyone needs it to buy items and skins along with premium battle pass in the game. You must be wondering here why the V Bucks? It’s a short form of Vindertech Bucks or Vinderbucks.

So lets get started with our main topic How to Get Free V Bucks Using Legit Ways.

Top 10 Best Ways To Get Free V Bucks In Fortnite Legally.

We assume that you regularly play fortnite on your device, Whether it is.

  • PS4
  • Xbox
  • Android (to be released soon)
  • iOS (to be released soon)

Following free v bucks hacks and cheats can be used on any of the devices listed above.

Method 1: – Earn V-Bucks By Completing Daily Quests.

Each player has three daily quests in the game to comple. By completing these daily quests, players can earn free fortnite v bucks. These quests don’t have any expiry date or time. Hence players can complete them as they wish there are no time limit restrictions here. If a player completes the daily quests, then they will be awarded 50 v bucks per quest.

Also if players have the option to abandon the quests if they find it difficult or not suitable in this case, they will get a new replacement quest to complete and earn free vbucks and daily coins. If you want to know more about quests then here you go for more details

So by completing daily 3 Quests, you have a chance to get 150 free v bucks in the game.

Method 2: – Get Free V Bucks By Completing Homebase Storm Shield Mission

Every player can complete their homebase storm shield mission and get some v bucks for it. Players can also complete these SS missions for their friends and still can get the v bucks. But they can’t get it if it’s not their storm shield mission.

All these missions are unique to each player. Every player wants to expand their storm shield which can be done by the defense or by installing the new amplifier. Once players complete these missions, they can expect significant amount of hero XP and Mini Llamas.

50 V Bucks are available to earn through completing such tasks in the game.

Method 3: – Login Daily Rewards For Free V Bucks

This is the easiest free v bucks generator present online, Yes, of course, the reason being you can get v bucks by just login every day on fortnite. Of course, players cannot get free v bucks by logging in daily. But on specific days fortnite will award you, or you may say to incentivize you to just login and get free v bucks in the game.

By clicking on the following button, you can see how many v bucks you can get as a reward for login in on that particular day. Not only v bucks you can also earn other awesome rewards too you can access the complete details for other rewards by clicking here.

Method 4:- Collection Book – Level Rewards

The collection book is where you can put schematics, for collection book XP, More XP equals higher level. At each level, you get higher rewards. Levelling them in gives you more XP. Players just don’t put anything that you don’t want to lose like good strap schematics. You cant take them out once they are in. Rewards in collection book are pretty good and much better than just recycling everything.

There are levels upto 350 level in collection book, and each level up will be rewarded to the player with something cool, and some of them might give your free v bucks too. Not all levels have free bucks, but some of them contain the v bucks.

Method 5: – Buying Premium Fortnite Save The World Game

This is not a free way to get v bucks. But it’s the most legal and trustworthy way. This fortnite premium version naming saves the world costs you around $39.99. But it also opens the door for many quests and missions by completing them you can get free v bucks in the game. In a regular game, if you buy v bucks worth of $40, then you will get around 4000 V Bucks.

But by buying this save the world premium version of the game you have the chance to play the game full-fledged along with many chances to earn this in-game currency. Also, all the above mentioned methods will work fast if you have saved the world premium upgrade.

Method 6: – Utilizing Season Battle Pass

If you have a season battle pass, then you have an opportunity to get free v bucks with it. Unfortunately, you need to buy the latest season 4 battle pass to play the latest premium version of the game. But don’t get discouraged you get around 1300 V bucks worth around $13 back if you purchase season battle pass which costs around 10$. Practically you are earning back $3 worth of v bucks along with other rewards and upgrades.

Method 7: – Participate in Fortnite Event Missions to Earn V Bucks

We first want you to warn you that many scam websites are promoting fake events such as. Invite your friends to get free v bucks and such things. Let us clear you that any website which is promoting such false events is a scam. Never trust website outside domain.

Here we would like to share with you a legit event which is currently running which is BLOCKBUSTER under patch v4.0 which is season 4.0 of battle royale. If you complete this mission quest and you will get 100 free v bucks.

Method 8: – Completing Major Story Quests

By completing major story quests, you can farm around 100 V Bucks. Major story quests are the quests to complete the major story or the campaign within fortnite. Most of the players just neglect here and loose them due to not completing the major story quests.

Method 9: – Purchase V Bucks to Get Bonus Free V Bucks.

Yes, you read it right. Fornite often run such campaigns where you can get big bonuses if you purchase v bucks directly from the store. Last time they ran a promo of 2500+300 Bonus and 6000+1500 Bonus. So always keep an eye on such promos.

Method 10: – Side Quests And Repetitive Challenges

You can find many side quests and constant challenges in fortnite. Most of them reward you regular items such as experience bar, bacon but some of them award you v bucks. Which can be used to get fortnite free skins.

So these were the Top 10 Ways to Get Free VBucks in Fortnite. Now we will see what you need to avoid to get free v bucks in the game. As most of the youtube videos and survey sites will not show you the real and exact ways to earn premium bucks in fortnite, rather they will try to mislead people into showing fake incremental videos of free v bucks which do not even work.

All Free V Bucks Generator Sites Are Scams

Most of the websites promoting free v bucks no human verification or something like that is a scam for sure. itself released a public statement regarding this issue, and they warned all the users who are looking for free v bucks hack tool or generator kind of thing.

These fake online generator sites will ask you to complete surveys and steal your information and then spam your phone’s or emails with their marketing setup.

Also, anyone who got caught hacking into the systems of epicgames will have to face the legal actions. As said by popular online news site theverge.

So Beware about such scam’s and never use them.

How to Keep Your Fortnite Account Safe?

Those who are not very technical and don’t know how to keep your fortnite account safe and secure should read following points to understand your safety online.

  • Never believe too good to be true statements made by unknown person or sites online.
  • Always use a good anti-virus programme on your phone and PC.
  • Do not download any non trusted .exe or .apk file on your devices.
  • There is no such thing like fortnite hack which can hack into the system of gaming servers.
  • Don’t participate in any invite or event which is not conducted by epicgames itself.
  • Never enter your details at non trusted website.

These were some of the points you should be following before trying out any online activity.


So in this complete article, we looked Top 10 Real legit ways to get free v bucks in fortnite. And we also checked out how those fake generators site can scam you in the name of free v bucks generator. And also we saw how to keep your accounts safe. We hope you completely enjoyed the article until and end and now you know what you should follow and what not. If there anything else we missed then you are always welcome to suggest us using the comment section. Let us know your feedback on this too.